PMC Elite Dangerous - Weapons

List of all the weapons available. You can equip your ship with weapons and gear from the starport Outfitting menu.

Pulse Laser

These are the weakest laser weapons, but also lasers that use less power and produce less heat.

Beam Laser

These are most powerful laser weapons, but then again draw most power and produce most heat.

Multi Cannon

Dont require much power and dont produce any heat. Projectile weapons which are not effective against shields, use these weapons against hull once you have taken the targets shields down with lasers or other means.

Fixed weapons obviously are the most accurate, they hit where you aim (its up to you to aim for enemy ships heh).

Gimbaled weapons means that they turn slightly to follow your target, they are not turrets but they do help with aiming very nicely.

Turreted weapons aim and fire on very wide arc on targets according to your specification in right hand side panel.

Not all hardpoints support all weapons.

I Bootis system, Chango Dock is the place where you find advanced weaponry to your ship. If you dont find what you are looking for, like for example the turreted weapons for Anaconda, then you must go out of the outfitting menu (possibly even exit whole game!) and come back, as the weapon availability is randomized every time.