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Star Systems

Elite Dangerous has 400 billion (400,000,000,000) star systems. That is a star systems not planets or star ports. In each of the 400 billion star systems you can have many stars, planets, moons, asteroid fields etc and star port of course. However its not necessarily so, there are some systems that has no intelligent life, no star ports. Some have only a single star! There are so many different kinds of systems that we cant even comprehend.

At the end of Premium Beta we had total of 8 star systems. With Beta we had 55 star systems.

Cataloged Star Systems In Beta 1

Here is a list of Elite Dangerous Beta 1 Star Systems with their star ports.

This is work in progress, not complete list on 08-02-14 !
Star Port Name - System Name:

Azeban City - Eranin
Chango Dock - Ibootis
Aulin Enterprise - Aulin
Dahan Gateway - Dahan
Romanek's Folly - ???
Beagle 2 Landing - Asellus Primus
Stone Enterprise - Rakapila
no star port - LP 271-25
Massimino Dock - LHS 2887
Bowersox Mines - Ross 1015
Moxon's Mojo - Bolg
Olivas Settlement - BD+47 2112
Vonarburg Co-Operative - Wyrd
Hay Point - Nang Ta-Khian
Cuffey Plant - Acihaut
Bresnik Mine - G 239-25
no star port - Lalande 29917
no star port - Dn Draconis
Louis De Lacaille Prospect - LHS 3262
no star port - Wise 1647+5632
Gernhardt Camp - LHS 417
Maunder's Hope - Tilian
no star port - LP 275-68
Derrickson's Escape - Keries
no star port - Hermitage
Brooks Estate - Pi-Fang
Wang Estate - Ross 1057
Novitski Oasis - Naraka
Brishlington - H Draconis
no star port - 26 Draconis
no star port - LFT 1361
Anderson Escape - CM Drago
Burbank Camp - Surya
no star port - Dp Draconis
Longyear Survey - LP 64-194
Baker Platform - LFT 880

Q: how do you get exact coordinates for systems? (to be included in community databases)
A: Use EDSM to enter new systems.