PMC Elite Dangerous, Resource Extraction Sites (RES)

Resource Extraction Sites

Resource Extraction Sites or simply RES, are locations in planetary rings where miners go extract resources, pirates go pirate the miners, bounty hunters go hunt the pirates as well as sometimes police to protect the miners. All in one big happy harmony :)

These locations are not marked in system map, but you should find them on most planetary rings in populated space.

On Elite v1.3 there will be low and high intensity sites, on lower intensity sites there are more authority vessels and (therefore) less pirates, but also the extractable minerals are fewer. On high intensity sites the extractable resources are high but there are fewer authority vessels and more pirates which makes this a high risk high reward situation.

Resource Extraction Site is very interesting place because there are asteroids, miners, police and of course the pirates, but at least low intensity resource extraction site is somewhat quiet on the action. You often time have to wait for ships even to appear there and then you must fly around searching for wanted ships to shoot at.

Hazardous Resource Extraction Site is very cool place for cool Commanders, there are no police. Also the largest ships have about 345,000cr bounties so its very lucrative to bounty hunt there. But remember to pick your fights carefully, you don't want to be attacked by wing of three anacondas at once (if you're alone).

Low Intensity Resource Extraction Sites has only combat rank of harmless, mostly harmless, novice and competent wanted ships. The police ships can be any rank. These sites are best for new Commanders with small ships.

High Intensity Resource Extraction Sites PMCTODO

Hazardous Resource Extraction Sites has only combat rank of Expert and higher, often times being deadly, dangerous or even elite. Very rarely you could see Competent rank ships. Sometimes the wanted ships spawn immediately as you enter the RES, other times you have to wait long time before any ships arrive. Its annoying to wait if you are in adrenaline combat mood (maybe you should go to Conflict Zone instead?) but its great when you lurking and then you get juicy spawn of wanted ships.

Sometime you get two or more wings of wanted ships and they start to fight with each other, its awesome sight and fun to watch what happens. You can then pick and choose the loosing ships and strike them when they get low in hull percentage, easy kills for you.

How do I find Resource Extraction Sites (RES)?

Here is our list of Pristine Reserves Metallic Rings which are the best RES types available.

Filter your map to systems with extraction economies. Find one that has a planet with rocky, metal rich or metallic rings. There ought to be bunch of RES there. You have to be within 1000Ls before RES shows up on your navigation panel.

Look in system map, you are looking for gas giants with rings. But not any rings, have to be rock rings. Ice won't work, since there is nothing to extract.

If you intend to do mining then I would advise looking for metallic rings first, metal rich rings second, and rocky rings third. And don't do it at a RES.

It is random generated stuff same as Compromised Navigation Beacons, if you don't get high ranked ships just relog open -> private -> solo, to reset it.

Snakes RES List

Dvorsi, Fowler Orbital: conflict zone 10ls, high/low RES 890ls
Delkar, Invergary: high/low/haz RES 3170ls
Pemoeri, Al-din Landing: high/low RES 3ls (very colorful RES), normal RES 43ls, also collect bountys from both Empire and Federation!
Asegezites, Zewail Gateway, haz res 500ls
Timbalderis, Roberts Enterprise (outpost) 1250ls: low/2xhaz RES 1ls (v1.4.01 has stutter on haz 0ls)
LTT 2667, Stephenson Hub 414ls; high/low res 1ls, low CZ 38ls, LTT 2667 5: haz res 1100ls

Outsiders list of RES:
BD+75 58
HIP 18527
TZ Arietis

Hazardous RES:
LFT 133
LHS 20
LHS 215
Ling Deti
UBV 15076
Wolf 1241

In piece of shit powerplay you get some bonuses for bounty hunting even if you dont pledge to that crap. In empire that bitch lavigny duval something has passive 20% bonus for bounty hunting credits. You just have to be in that powers control system to do the bounty hunting. For example in system LTT 2667.

This passive bonus works so that once you scan wanted ship, check contacts panel and then destroy this ship you see the value in the contacts and upper right side of the cockpit HUD, however in transactions you have received the credits with 20% bonus.