PMC Elite Dangerous - The Engieers

Basic The Engineers info

FSD Upgrades

Almost all the minerals you previously had to gather from planet surfaces, can now be mined from asteroids.

Felicity Farseer does FSD, power plant, sensors and thrusters.

Felicity Farseer needs 1 meta-alloy, you can purchase this from ?. Elvira Martuuk requires 3 units Soontill Relics, which you can purchase from Ngurii system, Cheranovsky City station.

When you have donated what they need, station menus get "engineers workshop" option where you can start to engineer stuff.

Felicity Farseer. Farseer INC base in Deciat system.

Initial startup phase requires donation of 1 Meta-Alloys.

eddb says Meta-Alloys can be bought from Darnielle's Progress in Maia system, mere 389Ly away haha. Flew there, docked at Darnielle's Progress (planetary outpost) and purchased meta-alloys one unit. Then returned to Deciat, Farseer INC.

If you have exploration data, sell that in Farseer INC to gain reputation, then you can immediately upgrade to grade 5 FSD without having to go through 1-4 first.

Increased FSD Range, Grade 1:
- Atypical disrupted wake echoes

Increased FSD Range, Grade 2:
- Atypical disrupted wake echoes
- Chemical processors
- Praseodymium

Increased FSD Range, Grade 3:
- Phosphorus
- Chemical processors
- Strange wake solutions
- Modular terminals

Increased FSD Range, Grade 4:
- Manganese
- Chemical distillery
- Eccentric hyperspace trajectories
- Energy grid assembly

Increased FSD Range, Grade 5:
- Arsenic
- Chemical manipulators
- Datamined wake exceptions
- Magnetic emitter coil

Howto get these:
Atypical disrupted wake echoes == Frameshift wake scanner
Arsenic == SRV or regular mining
Chemical distillery == FSD interdictor, go to a anarchy system and kill any type of Lakon trading ships (Type 6, Keelback, Type 7, Type 9)
Chemical manipulators == same as above
Chemical processors == ?
Datamined wake exceptions == Frameshift wake scanner
Eccentric hyperspace trajectories == Frameshift wake scanner
Energy grid assembly == 40 Ceti system, Pailes Enterprise station.
Magnetic emitter coil == Aasgaa system, Steiner Platform station.
Manganese == SRV or regular mining
Modular terminals == ?
Phosphorus == SRV or regular mining
Praseodymium == Mining
Strange wake solutions == Frameshift wake scanner